Cleaner Production

Many Chinese companies continue to struggle with cleaner production standards and practices. New solutions can be implemented based on German experience.

Application of cleaner production strategies

Chinese economic growth based on high resource consumption risks to cause a serious shortage of natural resources, ecological deterioration and environmental pollution. The need to change the current situation and to develop a sustainable economy has been acknowledged by the Chinese government.

As a result, China introduced its “Cleaner Production Promotion Law” in 2003 and its “Circular Economy Law” in 2009 .

Sino-German cooperation for China’s shift towards a sustainable economy

Germany assists China in its efforts to realize cleaner production and a circular economy. Numerous Sino-German pilot and advisory projects have already been implemented successfully. German support in China among others covers industrial process management, training of technical staff and awareness raising among the population.

Sino-German cooperation will moreover continue in industrial waste management and eco-efficient industrial production through the establishment of waste management systems and environment-oriented cost management tools for companies. German companies also provide valuable auditing and assessment systems for cleaner production.


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Featured Best Practice

Zhangjiang Technology & Culture Exchange Center


This project will be certified with the newest German green building rating system and a cooperation between Chinese architects and German experts.