Energy Efficient & Green Building

China has been experiencing a massive construction boom. However, the energy consumption in manufacturing, transporting building materials and construction represent over 40% of China's primary energy consumption. German know-how and concepts can provide solutions to assist solving this pressing problem.

Need for energy efficiency in China

Over the next two decades alone, China is expected to build 20,000 to 50,000 new skyscrapers. How to save energy in the building sector and how to build green quality buildings belong to the most urgent issues in China. Therefore, since 2006 energy conservation has been made a focus of the Chinese.

The German construction sector enjoys an excellent international reputation and can serve as a role model for China. The German government puts large emphasis on building quality and energy efficiency. Since the first insulation standard for buildings in the 1970s, building energy efficiency standards have been upgraded every few years, to save around 70% energy today.

German experience for energy efficient buildings & green buildings

Integrated design is the key to energy efficient building and green building. It can not only reduce energy consumption at the very beginning of the project, but also can help owners and developers to save costs at later stages.

All German buildings are expected to achieve the “passive house standard” by 2015. From low energy houses, to 3-liter houses, passive houses and zero energy buildings, Germany has gained a lot of know-how to share with China in energy efficiency, renovation of existing buildings, application of renewable energies, energy efficient certification systems as well as sustainable building certification systems.

econet china works with local developers, design institutes and further interested parties to assist the know how transfer and experience sharing

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