Market Analysis: Green Technologies in Chinese Eco-Parks


This market analysis provides you with an overview of the market environment for green technologies, the background and legal environment of eco-parks, market opportunities and key market players in China. Carefully researched data on the ambitious targets of Chinese eco-parks and crucial contact information for close to fifty eco-parks adds further value.
German companies engaged in the field of green technologies enjoy world-wide technological leadership and have been able to gain a favourable market position early on by establishing themselves in China and other emerging markets. They further benefit from an excellent reputation amongst Chinese customers. The market environment looks very promising and attractive as China is making huge strides in fostering an economy that relies on sustainable development and green technologies to help solve environmental and energy-related challenges.
The demand for green technologies in China has been growing at double-digit rates in the past and will continue to so for years to come. Eco-Parks are at the forefront of this development as they offer a suitable environment for the deployment of green technologies through ambitious targets and financial incentives. Stringent targets such as set out by the 12-th Five-Year-Plan necessitate the usage of high-tech products and services, those products and services that have already proven their benefit in eco-parks gain a crucial competitive advantage and can pounce on that once the market scales up.

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