German Building Energy Manager Qualification Program


The GERMAN BUILDING ENERGY MANAGER qualification program is the most extensive the GECC currently has to offer.

Target groups
engineers, managers, architects

Training Brief
It features the building energy manager course, which has successfully been conducted by German chambers of crafts. The qualification furthermore conveys knowledge specific to the country needs, especially regarding practice application.

Further elements refer to the technologies of German companies and the contact with them. The qualification level requires an appropriate pre education, i.E. an engineer’s degree in the field of civil or supply engineering or a bachelor/master of arts degree for architects. For managers these degrees can be compensated through year-long project experience.

The qualification can be absolved in the following ways:
    In 2 month blocks
    Extra occupational in 1 year
    For managers in weekend seminars
    In 2 singular parts of 1 month each

It takes place in the schooling rooms and practice tuitions in the GECC technology competence center.

It features content and technologies of the fields:
- Civil engineering
- Supply engineering
- Energy management

The qualification is concluded with the GERMAN BUILDING ENERGY MANAGER title. The exams are conducted by examiners of the HWK Aachen at the training site.
The graduates will receive a degree that is carried by the HWK Aachen, the GERMAN ENERGY CENTER & COLLEGE, the domestic education partner and the German companies. The graduates will be published on the GECC website.
The participating companies consent to pay particular attention to applying graduates.

Johannes Gruenhage

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