Green Buildings made in Germany workshop - ETICS system and its fireproof performance


Due to recent building fires in China, fire safety requirements for external insulation constructions have been strengthened, especially for public facilities & high-rise buildings.

The Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Public Security have published new policies and regulations in order to control the application of ETICS.

Against this background, the company Sto provided a workshop about the performance of external insulation. Sto is a German company focusing on introducing and developing environment friendly building material to China. Its key products include ETICS. It has rich experience in China in applying high quality product and advanced technology to China.

On April 14th, around 40 Chinese architects, engineers and real estate developers attended the 'Green Buildings- made in Germany' workshop at the GECC. Trough the workshop, participants got introduced to the latest policies for ETICS in China regarding fire safety; they could compared different kinds of wall thermal insulation materials according to their fireproof performance and usability, as well as learned about regulations and standards of ETICS in Europe and suitability of ETICS on the Chinese market.

Because the ETICS and its fireproof performance is a hot issue in the Chinese construction market, this workshop will also be provided as free-of-charge in-house training for Chinese architects, engineers and developers. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Sun Xiaokang, email:, Tel.: (0)21-68758536*1829


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                  Mr. Zhuang Wei, Sto                  Participants communicated during the tea break   


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