Green Buildings made in Germany - Life cycle analysis


Life-cycle analysis has been around since years in Germany and benchmarking of the life-cycle costs in the real estate sector is already mature to provide an understanding of maintenance and operation costs to developers and investors.

On the 21st of April Prof. Dr. Weischer, Head of Department for Construction and Facility Management at the University of Muenster, Germany and a partner at Rheinschiene architects GmbH. gave the presentation about the life-cycle costs analysis in the real estate sector at GECC.


About 20 architects and industry professionals joined the workshop. Prof. Weischer presented interesting reports from German benchmarking experiences: much of the costs of a building happen during the operation and maintenance time. Hence, while looking at where the costs would fall in the future for maintenance and operation, one could optimize the design to lower costs at a later stage.

For example, simple items such as cleaning costs can be a very costly item in the balance, which can be reduced by planning to use different surfaces and building materials.   

Life-cycle analysis provides information to developers and architects to understand the potential savings over the life span of buildings in order to evaluate the real costs of sustainability.

An interesting debate took place over the applicability or need for such tools in China, where often long term cost calculation and operation are not taken into account.


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                Prof. Weischer, Rheinschiene               Audience on the workshop 


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