Shanghai launched its Three-year Action Plan for Green Buildings 2014-2016


In June, 2014, Shanghai launched its ambitious new action plan for the development of green buildings for the years from 2014 to 2016.

The plan underlines the government determination to take the lead for green buildings development in China by significantly scaling up the percentage of green buildings and prefabricated buildings among the newly planned projects and promoting energy efficiency renovation of existing buildings.

Building industrialization, as a buzzword both economically and politically right now, is one of the top focuses of the new plan. All districts and county governments in Shanghai are required to allocate no less than 25% of the total building areas to prefabricated buildings. By 2015, the number is mandatory to rise over 50% and by 2016, all newly-built civil buildings inside of the outer ring in Shanghai have to be prefabricated in principle.

Similar to other environment-related initiatives and regulations, projects invested by the government and state-owned enterprises are required to take the lead in the implementation of integrating prefabrication in the building process. Other projects required to be at the front of implementation of the plan include large scale public buildings with a height below 100 m,, residential buildings with a total building area over 30,000 m2 , etc. Meanwhile, full decoration is required for the prefabricated buildings.

By 2016, according to the plan, a series of design, construction and assessment standards for prefabricated buildings will be issued together with the establishment of a comprehensive monitoring and management system.

From June, 2014, all of the new civil buildings shall be developed as at least Green Building 1 star label. By the end of 2016, 7 million m2 of existing public buildings’ energy efficiency renovation shall be finished according to the plan.

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