econet organized in-house training for Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences in the framework of econet academy


On 15 July, 2014, in cooperation with SGL Group, econet held an in-house training in the framework of econet academy for the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science(SRIBS) on the latest application of carbon materials in energy-efficient radiant ceilings. The Green Building Department of the Research Institute attended the training. 

SGL engineers giving presentation at the workshop

Energy efficiency is very often achieved at the expense of living comfort. The innovative natural graphite radiant ceilings have effectively solved the dilemma, according to senior technical experts from SGL, one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon-based products.

“In comparison to the traditional air conditioning, the natural graphite ceiling can cool down and heat up the space much faster. To further enhance its energy-efficiency performance, this new product is also compatible with all kinds of renewable energy sources, such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar energy, etc. All these green features of the carbon ceilings help to greatly reduce energy consumption in the building” proudly shared by the SGL engineers.

SRIBS engineers studying the carbon materials

In response to the question from SRIBS, SGL illustrated how the product solves the dew concentration issue, a standing problem that has restrained the further promotion of radiant ceiling systems. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of the carbon materials, quick and even distributions of energy over the entire carbon ceiling surface can be achieved. Combining with high-performance sensors for moisture at the openings of the buildings and roofs, this carbon radiant ceiling product from SGL could successfully put the dew challenge to an end. High living comfort is also a key privilege of the carbon radiant ceilings.

The event has provided a great opportunity for information and experience sharing between German technology providers with the professionals active in the front of green buildings market in China. More events will be coming in the future. If you are interested to receive econet in-house training for this technology, please kindly contact:

Betty Tian Ping

Phone: +86-21 6875 8536 ext. 1695


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