econet & Becker: Seminar on Market Outlook of German External Sun Shading Systems


On 27 March, econet and Becker co-organized a Seminar on Market Outlook of German External Sun Shading Systems in China. Over 30 professionals from developers, design institutes and universities, such as Vanke, Current Logic, Shuion, ZhongFang, CCDI, HPP, Henkel and Tongji University, attended the half day event.  

Nadine Ulrich, head of econet, opened the event by welcoming the participants and also a brief introduction of econet as a bridging platform between the green markets of Germany and China. Following that, Mr. Zhang Yin, Vice Director of Green Building Consultancy Center, China Academy of Building Research, gave a detailed presentation about the Green Building market and latest National Green Building Standard in China. He also emphasized that at the current stage, outdoor sun shading is mostly applied in projects of two and three stars under the national three-star green building standard and there is still a great potential for the market to grow as green building continues to gain momentum with the rising environmental and energy issues in China.  

 Mr. Zhang Yin giving presentation 

Mr. Maik Richter giving presentation 

Maik Richter, general manager of Asia Pacific Region of Becker, an internationally established brand in the automation and drive industry, shared his insights into the building energy efficiency and security in Germany and Europe with a focus on the outdoor sun-shading systems.  

Mr. Markus Diem giving presentation 

The performance and market prospect of German energy-efficient sun shading products in China were also discussed with a presentation from Mr. Markus Diem Managing Director, Warema. 

Mr. Uwe Happel giving presentation 

Uwe Happel, Marketing Director and General Manager of Global Sales of Becker, presented the Smart Control System from Becker. Using the most widely applied international standards, the smart home system from Becker can integrate all controls of sun-shading, lights, and many other home appliances in the one single platform which can be operated and monitored remotely on your smart phones. 

Becker demonstrating smart home system using smart phones

For more information about the event, please contact: 

Betty Tian 

Project Manager, econet china 

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