Sino-German Forum “Distributed Energy Supply Using Renewable Sources in Hebei and Jiangsu” held in Shanghai


On September 14th, 2015 econet china | German Industry & Commerce Shanghai and eclareon jointly welcomed a business delegation to a Sino-German forum focusing on “Distributed Energy Supply Using Renewable Sources in Hebei and Jiangsu” under the export initiative program. Over 80 participants joined the event with 5 presenting German companies of the business delegation in the area of renewable energies, as well as senior experts from Germany and China in this field.

Ms. Simone Pohl (Delegate and Chief Representative of Delegation of German Industry and Commerce Shanghai), Ms. Simon (Head of econet china, AHK Shanghai) and Mr. Rydzek (Consultant by Order of the BMWi, eclareon) and others attending the conference

Since 2003 the German government has been closely involved in supporting the global dissemination and transfer of technologies for renewable energies, under the banner "renewables – Made in Germany". Within this framework, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy(BMWi)

supported the Renewable Energy Export Initiative Program 2015. The program provides new German product, system and service providers in the field of Renewable Energy with a great opportunity to introduce their solutions to the Chinese market and to get in touch with the key players of the industry.

Ms. Simone Pohl, Delegate and Chief Representative of the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce Shanghai started the conference with a warm welcome to the business delegation and all participants. Paul Rydzek, Consultant by Order of the Renewable Energies Export Initiative (BMWi), followed afterwards and gave a detailed introduction to renewable energies and the transformation of the German Energy Supply System in Germany. Then the first Chinese speaker, Tao Guangyuan, Executive Director of the ‘Chinese-German Center for Renewable Energies’ shared his experience and expectation for the Wind- and Solar Power in China.

Five German companies of the business delegation shared their technology and products with the participants. Frankfurt Energy Holding GmbH introduced their successful experience of building energy stations in Germany and their wish to look for projects and suppliers in China. Industrial Solar GmbH shared Solar Process Heat Technologies and Energy Efficiency for Industrial Applications. EXXERGY GmbH gave a presentation on Photovoltaics: considerations, requirements, and applications in China. Tewe Elektronik Gmbh introduced the technology of extracting energy from Organic Waste. Another biogas focused company Binder GmbH presented their state-of-art process control in a biogas plant via gas analysis and gas flow measurement.

During conference

Other senior experts from China and Germany also joined the discussion and shared their expertise in the area of grid integration, biogas and plant management and more. Mr. Klaus Mayr, technical consultant from Germany introduced the challenges and solutions of grid-integration of PV and windenergy in Germany. Mr. Tang Jianping, senior adviser of Shanghai Disney Resort Energy Plant gave a detailed introduction to the construction and operation of the Disney energy plant to be opened soon. Mr. Dr. Joachim Richter, senior partner of Project Finance International touched on the hedging and financing opportunities for energy projects in China.

For Chinese companies, this has proven to be a great opportunity to meet with German experts and companies in the field of renewable energy and distributed energy supply. The German companies also got the chance to meet with key industrial stakeholders in China and get first-hand market info from the Chinese experts and participants throughout the conference. 

The presentations of delegation members can be downloaded in following links:

Initiates file downloadPaul Rydzek_Renewable Energy in Germany at a Glance

Initiates file downloadTao Guangyuan_Development Prospects and Challenges of Wind- and Solar Power in China

Initiates file downloadFeng Jianmin_Development History of a German Solar YieldCo

Initiates file downloadKlaus Mayr_Grid-integration of PV and Windenergy in Germany – Challenges and Solutions

Initiates file downloadNick Zhang_Solar Process Heat Technologies and Energy Efficiency for Industrial Applications

Initiates file downloadTang Jianping_Best Practices on Shanghai Disneyland Energy Plant Project

Initiates file downloadWang Xin_Photovoltaics Considerations, Requirements, and Applications in China

Initiates file downloadEric Billig_Demand-driven bioenergy in Germany

Initiates file downloadWilhelm Bonse-Geuking_TEWE Elektronic biogas plants

Initiates file downloadGavin Liu_Process control in a biogas plant via gas analysis and gas flow measurement

Initiates file downloadDr. Richter_Hedging and Financing Opportunities for Energy Projects in China





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