Focus Greentech Series “Green Building Marketing: When Building ‘Green’, How do you Sell Green Too”


On Sept. 8th, 2015 econet china successfully organized the September event of out Focus Greentech workshop focusing on the topic of “Green Building Marketing: When Building ‘Green’, How do you Sell Green Too?”.

Econet china welcomed senior experts from Landleaf, a subsidiary of Landsea, and from the China Academy of Building Research as experienced speakers on this topic.

Glimpse of a part of the attendees

The topic is of great relevance as green buildings not only offer significant and measurable savings in terms of energy usage, but also contribute to the health and well being of those who live and work in them. Therefore there is no doubt about the advantages of building green in general: the more important question is, how effective your communication of these facts is to your investors, purchasers or tenant base. Turning the green features of your building into USPs makes the whole difference; communication about what “green” really means might be the most important feature of your project.

Sharing experiences of Landsea’s numerous project developments, Kou Haibo, Head of Marketing at Landleaf, explained the complete cycle of during the development of a green building development. Starting with decisions about specific green product features and positioning in a green building project, over marketing of those aspects and best green building practices.
The green real estate market has promising prospects and stands for the future of the industry. As a holistic system, a project of green real estate requires a number of factors to become successful: Development of strategic planning, system design, the incremental costs and construction management, and finally efficient marketing” Mr. Kou said.

Mr. Kou Haibo giving a presentation

Mr. Zhang Yin from the China Academy of Building Science his experience of working with leading developers on the marketing of green buildings: “Instead of just talking, it is the most efficient if you can offer a visual tour to the customers by multimedia display on smart phones, ipads, etc”. Hereby he stressed the importance of social and virtual media to cater to the needs of today’s customers.

Mr. Zhang Yin giving a presentation

The event ended with a lively discussion and networking among the participants. 

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