Sino-German Green Building Symposium in Fujian


On behalf of the German Consulate General Guangzhou and Xiamen Municipal Government, AHK Guangzhou organized a Sino-German Green Building Symposium in Fujian Province from September 17th-18th, 2015, a series of events regarding environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building. Inaugurated by Helmut Lüders, German Consul General in Guangzhou, Eveline Lemke, Deputy Prime Minister of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate was also present at this crucial event that presented progressive and future-oriented solutions in the construction industry and enabled German enterprise representatives to gain an insight into the current state of local economic and technical development through practice-oriented case studies and round tables.

Mr. Lueders, German Consul General in Guangzhou

Eveline Lemke, Deputy Prime Minister of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate

Furthermore, regional real estate companies, institutions and local governments were given the chance to exchange ideas on urban development and project realization with technical experts. In the end, the two-day event series also stressed Germany’s pioneering role in the field of advanced and sustainable construction technology. Over 150 participants attended the events, among which were experts, company and NGO representatives in the field of urban development on the German side as well as real estate developers, companies in the construction industry, government representatives, academic staff and journalists on the Chinese side. The participants visited the City Planning Exhibition Hall of Xiamen, a residential building project, Fujian Academy of Building Research and Fuzhou Planning & Design Research Institute in the provincial capital Fuzhou.

Presentation of the vice-president of Bureau of Municipal and Rural Construction Xiamen

The Green Building Symposium, Roadshow Guangdong earlier this year and the Symposium and Roadshow in Fujian reached more than 400 participants. The events took place in 5 different cities throughout two provinces: not only in 1st-tier cities, but also in 2nd and 3rd-tier cities, in order to shift the focus from widely known cities to lesser-known aspiring cities like Fuzhou and Xiamen and to increase public awareness for possibilities and opportunities of environmentally friendly solutions in urban areas.

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