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Green Manufacturing Technology Conference & Exhibition will provide strategic solutions and highlight the returns on an investment for those China factories ready to "optimize" operations

(Shanghai, PRC March 28, 2011) – With Beijing’s focus on “energy efficiency, productivity and sustainability” as strategic priorities for China’s future development, the timing of the Green Manufacturing Technology & Strategic Solutions Conference & Exhibition (Nov 17-18, 2011) opens a window of opportunity for suppliers of the latest cleantech solutions to reach a market of manufacturers that are under increasing public and government pressure to optimize their manufacturing process. The conference will provide solutions to help China factories ensure a cleaner and healthier environment.

Mr. Gerhard Schroeder, former Chancellor of Germany (1998-2005) and Honorary Director for the Green Manufacturing Conference, stated: “This conference addresses today’s very timely question of how manufacturing organizations in China can reduce their carbon footprint. Dirty and inefficient manufacturing negatively impacts China’s GDP in many ways, from the cost of energy inputs to the increasing negative environmental and health impacts, all of which result in a drag on GDP and productivity”.  

Beijing has set a target of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 16% before 2015. The conference will provide the latest information and workshops dedicated to introducing attendees to winning product technology and management processes for upgrading factory operations including real world case studies shared by BASF and other leading international companies, all while considering the bottom line impact of implementation.

“The prohibitive costs associated with the latest cleantech solutions are a myth", says Mr. Sigg, former Swiss Ambassador to China who will also be speaking at the conference. “There are win-win solutions which provide manufacturers with a return on investment over time, and we aim to demonstrate this at the conference. The conference will provide tremendous value to everyone and give manufacturers a blue print on how to follow through to reduce energy consumption and implement sustainable manufacturing.”

The two day conference will cover topics such as: strategic materials management; recycling; waste reduction; strategic energy efficiency: technology for energy saving, the latest sustainable manufacturing technologies for energy saving; water sustainability; emissions control and waste reduction, in addition to case studies on chemicals, material inputs, machinery & industrial equipment, all while considering the business case of implementation.  

“China has options for its future. To move forward as an efficient leader aware of its position in the world will require the latest manufacturing technologies to be implemented. Companies need to seriously look into upgrading their manufacturing facilities to remain competitive, not only in China but worldwide. I think this conference has an important place in the strategic agenda of any company doing business in China –but also for China as a whole”, concluded Mr. Sigg.

Following its announcement and initial planning, the conference is already attracting a strong voice from industry leaders in China and worldwide. The Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai will also participate in the conference, as will other Chambers. 

Shanghai Ringier Conference and Exhibitions Ltd. –the wholly owned subsidiary of Ringier Trade Media Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong— has confirmed a partnership with the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce (AHK) to develop the Green Manufacturing Technology Solutions Conference & Exhibition, Nov 17-18, 2011 Shanghai.

AHK will be an “Organizing Partner” in the two day conference which is being designed to promote the latest clean-tech manufacturing solutions available in the China market.

About Shanghai Ringier Conference & Exhibitions Ltd.
Shanghai Ringier Conference & Exhibitions Ltd. -established in 2005 - organizes 20 industry conferences annually which bring together over 3,000 industry leaders to exchange information on specific topics critical to the future development of industry.

Shanghai Ringier Conference and Exhibitions Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ringier Trade Media Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong - one of the region’s largest B-to-B media companies publishing 34 specialized industry titles and online trade platform (www.industrysourcing.com) to deliver the latest cutting-edge technology and market information to over 600,000 decision-makers in manufacturing industries. For more information, please visit www.greenmanufacturingchina.com .

About the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce Shanghai:
The Delegation is part of the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce (AHK). Worldwide the AHKs have been promoting the interests of the German economy for more than 100 years combining up to three major functions: they act as official representation of the German business interests (Delegation of German Industry & Commerce), service provider for companies (German Industry and Commerce) as well as member organization (German Chamber of Commerce). Since 1987, the German Chamber network and its 250 employees in Greater China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei) and Germany have supported German companies’ market entries, searches for business partners, training and development as well as business events. In Shanghai, the AHK has considerable resources at its fingertips and specializes in providing the support its customers need to set up and extend their business activities in Greater China. Through its platform “econet China”, AHK is promoting technology from Germany in the fields of energy efficiency, green building and cleaner production. For more information, please visit www.china.ahk.de and www.econet-china.com.

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