econet china participated in annual roundtable of the Shanghai Green Building Council


On August 12th, econet china, together with representatives from foreign consulates and chambers in Shanghai, was invited to join a roundtable organized by the Shanghai Green Building Council.

The event aimed at updating each other about plans and activities among Chinese and foreign  organizations in Shanghai in the field of sustainable city development and green buildings.
Shanghai green building announced following on-going and upcoming activities:

-    2016 Evaluation of Green Refurbishment for Existing Buildings in                              Shanghai (in Chinese)

-    2016 Shanghai International City & Architecture Expo will be held in                        Shanghai Exhibition Center during October 31st - November 2nd                                (in Chinese and English)

-    A training on BIM (Building Information Modeling) will be organized in                       Shanghai
     (more info upon request. Please send an email

-    Shanghai Green Building Design Guide Book will be formulated (in Chinese)  

Each attending party introduced the main activities in the 2nd semester and showed interest to pursue potential collaborations in information exchange, events, supplier search and technology promotion with the Shanghai Green Building Council to facilitate international partnerships.

All attendees expressed interest in exchanging business know-how among each other, e.g. in the field of urban regeneration and healthy indoor standards, which were mentioned by many as the key focus of development. Attending representatives were from the Shanghai delegation of the:
EU Chamber, German consulate, French Consulate, US Consulate, Austrian Consulate.



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