German Business Delegation on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Buildings under the Application of Geothermal Energy Visited China under the Energy Solutions Export Initiative


During September 27-29th 2016 econet china | German Industry & Commerce Shanghai and Beijing and eclareon (on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) jointly organized a business delegation focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings under the application of geothermal energy in the frame of the export initiative program energy solutions – Made in Germany. On September 27th, over 80 participants joined in the Sino-German Technology Forum with 7 German companies in the area of geothermal energy and energy efficiency in buildings presenting their company, as well as senior experts from Germany and China in this field.

Ms. Verena Simon (second from the left, Head of econet china, AHK Shanghai) and Ms. Keller (forth from the left, project manager of eclaren and on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and the company delegates

The German government has been closely involved in the global dissemination and transfer of technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings under the framework of Energy Solutions / Made in Germany export Initiative. The program aims to provide German products, technologies, systems and service providers in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings with the great opportunity to introduce the different products and know-how to the Chinese market, key industry players, design institutes and developers.

Representatives of the delegation companies

Ms. Verena Simon, Head of econet china, opened the conference with a warm welcome to the business delegation and all participants. Lena Keller, project manager of elareon gave a detailed introduction to the Export Initiative, the targets of the German “Energiewende”, the usage of renewable energies in Germany and also the German companies in the delegation.

To give the audience an overview about the usage of geothermal energy and to point out the targets of the Chinese government, Prof. LONG Weiding, Executive Director of the China Refrigeration Institute and Tongji University, was invited to participate in the conference. He gave a holistic speech about the current situation in China,  the incentives of renewable energies for heating and cooling and shared some pilot projects in China. He gave a detailed technical comparison about varied sources of heat pumps and also the application of heat pump in the field of smart grid.

During the conference

Later Dr. Claus Heske from the International Geothermal Office and German Geothermal Association explained the application range and potential of geothermal energy. Dr. Heske also pointed out the status quo of geothermal energy usage in Germany and possibilities for the use of geothermal energy in buildings. To give the audience a detailed example Dr. Heske explained the planning and installation of the geothermal system for the Office building of the GBZ- International Geothermal Centre in Bochum, Germany. 
Seven companies from Germany in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy and geothermal energy participated at the delegation and introduced their products and services to the Chinese audience:

  • geoKOAX – Next generation heat exchanger technology
  • Empetus GmbH – NavVis and 3D Laserscan of buildings to improve the energy efficiency
  • Industrial Solar – Fresnel Collectors to generate high temperatures
  • MTU Engineering – Decentralized power generation
  • TAL Energy – Drilling Engineering to plan and drill geothermal boreholes
  • LUWOGE – Energy efficient and sustainable building consultant
  • KSB Pump Co., Ltd. – Producer of different types of pumps for all kinds of application

The Chief Engineer of the of the Architectural Design Institute of the Shandong Province Mr. XI Xiangdong joined inthe conference and gave an overview about the status of energy consumption, development  of the renewable energy and usage of geothermal energy in Shandong province. Mr. XI also pointed out that according to the 13th Five-Year-Plan (2016-2020), over 50% of the newly built projects will be supplied with renewable energy in Shandong province by 2020. He also introduced a number of geothermal pump manufacturers in the region, planned projects in the fields of geothermal energy and the political instruments.


Within the following two days the delegation companies had one-on-one site visits to stakeholders in the Chinese market in Qingdao and Tianjin such as Kaiser Construction Co., Ltd., Sino-German Eco-Park, Qingdao Passive House Engineering and Technology, KAN Architects, SG Architecture Engineering Design etc. to explore further business cooperation opportunities.


The presentations of the delegation members can be downloaded in following links:

Initiates file downloadLena Keller Renewables Energies and Energy Efficiency in Germany at a Glance

Initiates file downloadProf. Long Weiding 中国及长三角地区地源热泵技术在建筑中的应用

Initiates file downloadDr. Claus Heske Heating and Cooling with Shallow Geothermal Energy

Initiates file downloadJoerg zu Dohna geoKOAX 新一代地热能交换技术-超越深度局限,凭借容量取胜-

Initiates file downloadJunyi Xue 建筑能效数字模型 & 联机协作

Initiates file downloadNick Zhang Renewable Energy for Industrial Usage

Initiates file downloadCarl Fan 经济且可持续的冷热电(CHP/CCHP)系统在节能建筑上的应用

Initiates file downloadLi Xiangdong 山东省地源热泵技术在建筑中的运用现状

Initiates file downloadHilmar Kerst Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Initiates file downloadRolf Demmler 中国的一体化设计 DGNB及被动房项目的优势

Initiates file downloadProf. Dr. Dirk Müller Urban Energy System Planning

Initiates file downloadPaul LIU KSB Automation World 德国凯士比泵的自动化世界



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