German Business Delegation on Cross-Sectoral Technology in the Industry Energy Efficiency Visited China


During November 29th - 2nd December 2016, econet china | German Industry & Commerce Shanghai and energiewaechter GmbH (on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) jointly organized a business delegation of 8 German companies to China focused on industry energy efficiency in the frame of the export initiative program “energy solutions – Made in Germany”.

The German government has been closely involved in the global dissemination and transfer of technologies for the industry energy efficiency and industry automation under the framework of “energy solutions - Made in Germany” export Initiative. The delegation program aims to provide German products, technologies, systems and service providers in the field of the world famous “Industrie 4.0” and industry energy efficiency with the great opportunity to introduce the different products and know-how to the key stakeholders in Chinese market.

On November 29th, a Sino-German technology forum was held in Shanghai, it brought together over 130 participants from Chinese government authorities, green industry parks, production facility owners & energy management staffs, project engineering and management experts, energy auditing consultants, developers & investors, design & research institutes, universities and relevant product agents. 8 German companies in the area of industry automation presented their advanced solutions for industry energy efficiency, senior industry experts from China and Germany were also invited to share their market perspectives.   

Ms. Christine Müller represented GIC Shanghai to open the conference with a warm welcome to the business delegation and all participants. Ms. Xiao Leng, introduced econet china as the consultancy & service platform for promoting German greentech in China and the main activities that have been conducted to support Sino-German collaborations in sustainability in China. Mr. Maximilian Müller, consultant of energiewaechter GmbH gave a detailed introduction of the export initiative, the targets of the German “Energiewende”, the utilization of renewable energies in Germany, the status quo of the industry automatization and also the German companies in the delegation.

Ms. Corinne Abele, Chief Representative from the Germany Trade & Invest Office in Shanghai gave an overview about the development of the energy consumption and energy related targets of the 12th and 13th Five-Year-Plan. Ms. Abele also shared  the latest and the future development of the renewable energy production in China. She also gave an overview about energy consumption related laws and the subsidies system to support the energy efficiency in China. Ms. Abele pointed out the challenges that companies have to deal with when they want to implement energy efficient production and automation facilities.

Mr. Felix Seibl, Managing Director of the Automation Division, Measurement and Process Automation Section of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) gave an overview about process automation, energy efficiency, lifecycle costs and the correlation between “Industrie 4.0” and energy efficiency. As a general access to the topic he explained the automation hierarchy and end-user sectors for process automation. Mr. Seibl also pointed out that companies also should consider the lifecycle costs of the investment. Often companies ask for a too short pay-off time (less than 3 years). In this context, the ZVEI and Deloitte developed a tool that compares the life-cycle costs of different projects to support decision makers. As a conclusion, Mr. Seibl gave a short introduction of some industry examples of automation technology and different sectors in which automation technology could be installed.

Dr. Hongbo Qin, Chief Technology Officer from the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Centre gave the audience a detailed overview about the status quo in the energy consumption and conservation in Shanghai, the main energy conservation tasks in the 12th five year planthe incentive policies.With the increasing energy consumption pressure from the industry, transportation, construction and daily life, Shanghai has been taking the lead in the energy transformation as the leading economic development region. On the other hand, the challenges also forced the city decision makers to accelerate adjustment, catch up with international competition to accelerate technological breakthroughs and applications. The city has set implementation of energy-saving and renewable as the development focuses.

Mr. Georg Stieler, Managing Director from Stieler Enterprise Management Consulting gave a detailed overview about the 13th Five-Year-Plan and the perspectives for the automation industry. Mr. Stieler pointed out the differences between China and western countries according to business related key data like the payment amount of WeChat and PayPal, he briefed the five tenets of the 13th FYP like innovation, openness, green development, coordination and inclusive development, as well as the Made in China 2025 plan and the key sectors for industry automation. He also gave a detailed overview to the Chinese robotic and automation market and the challenges that foreign companies have to deal with in the Chinese market.

Mr. Georg Frey, Chair of Automation and Energy Systems at the Saarland University, introduced the tasks of his institute is mainly focused on the development of methods to provide reliable automation and energy systems. Mr. Frey gave an overview of automation and industry energy efficiency related research topics of his institute, he pointed out the motivation of the strong interests in energy efficiency in the industry and the industry automation.

Eight companies from Germany in the field of industry energy efficiency, sensor and automation technology participated in the delegation and introduced their products and services to the Chinese audience, you can review and download some of their presentations below: 

BBS Automation Group – Custom-designed turnkey automated and testing solutions (Initiates file downloadChinese | Initiates file downloadGerman)

ENVA Energy – ORC / SCR expander to generate energy from low (waste) heat (Initiates file downloadEnglish & Chinese)

Industrial Solar – Fresnel collectors to generate high temperatures, heat and steam (Initiates file downloadEnglish & Chinese)

Rafflenbeul Anlagenbau GmbH – Exhaust air purification and energy efficiency in industrial processes (Initiates file downloadEnglish)

IS Predict GmbH – Self-learning Predicative Intelligence solutions (Initiates file downloadEnglish)

Janitza electronics GmbH – Systems for energy measurement, energy efficiency and cost reduction (Initiates file downloadChinese)

GFR m.b.H – Building automation and management, energy management (Initiates file downloadChinese)

HA-BE Mechanical Components – Application of Energy Efficient Technologies in the Metal Processing Industry (Initiates file downloadEnglish)

Within the following three days the delegation companies had one-on-one meetings with  stakeholders in the Chinese market in Shanghai and nearby regions.

For those who are interested in getting presentations of following industry experts:

  • Energy Efficiency in Germany  (Initiates file downloadEnglish & Chinese)
    Maximilian Mueller, Consultant, energiewaechter GmbH
  • Energy Efficiency in the Industry in China 
    Corinne Abele, Chief Representative, Germany Trade & Invest Shanghai Office
    (please contact Ms.Lu Wei at
  • More Energy Efficiency Through Process Automation: Companies Save-The Environment Benefits (Initiates file downloadEnglish & Chinese)
    Felix Seibl, Managing Director, Automation Division, Measurement and Process Automation Section, ZVEI-German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Automation
  • The  Status Quo and Key Tasks of Energy Conservation in Shanghai  
    Dr. Hongbo Qin, Chief Technology Officer, Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center
    (please contact Ms.Lu Wei at
  • Automation Industry in China 
    Georg Stieler, Managing Director, Stieler Enterprise Management Consulting
    (please contact Mr.Stieler directly at
  • Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing (Initiates file downloadEnglish & Chinese)
    Prof. Dr.Georg Frey, Chair of Automation and Energy Systems, Saarland University, Germany

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