econet china and RFP EcoCity Product and Service Guide partner to expand network in China


Hong Kong, Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The RFP Eco City Green Building Product and Service Guide and econet china, the Sino German initiative for promoting sustainability, today announced their partnership bringing the China eco-community even closer together and furthering their mutual goals of creating a cleaner greener world.

RFP's EcoCity Guide is Asia's first comprehensive, integrated bi-lingual (English and Chinese) guide book for green building in the region. Companies list their services or products amidst practical tips interviews and outlines of real projects requiring green solutions. econet china is a highly-respected non-profit initiative of the German industry, coordinated by the German Industry and Commerce Greater China, for the promotion of Sino-German cooperation for sustainability.

Claire Saeki founder of the EcoCity guide and publisher of RFP EcoBuild Magazine says "The RFP EcoCity Guide has already attracted top partners and projects from around the region and we are very proud to have our alliance with econet china as we are delving further into the rapidly developing world of the sustainability movement in China. We believe that econet china offers a genuine commitment to the principles of sustainable development and this is one that we endorse."

Magali Menant, Head of Department, Building, Energy & Environment, German Industry & Commerce says “The RFP EcoCity guide will become a key tool for practitioners looking for sustainable solutions, best practices and tips on a daily basis for their work.  In an emerging field, it is necessary to find a guide pointing to the right solutions; econet china is pleased to support any initiative creating awareness and fostering transparency on the market.”

Saeki feels that“Individuals, companies, governments and organisations have realised that it is only through partnering and cross fertilisation of ideas that major steps can be made beyond mere sustainability to a profitable and enriching environment for all." This partnership is just one of many that will expand the influence of people working within the green and clean tech industries.

Project opportunities

Though the RFP EcoCity Guide was originally launched based on the needs of a small group of project owners that group has inevitably grown and the demand for information, contacts and expertise has increased, econet china also works with a broad range of companies looking for green solutions. The EcoCity guide and the econet activities offer a wide set of opportunities for companies that continue to work with and our growing range of partners. econet partners will receive a free copy of the guide.

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econet china

econet china is a non-profit initiative of the German industry, coordinated by the German Industry and Commerce Greater China, for the promotion of Sino-German cooperation for sustainability.

China’s demand for green solutions has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years.
Germany, a world leader in offering innovative solutions for sustainability, is a key partner and is interested in supporting China in reaching its goals. 

To support the already rich German-Chinese cooperation in this field, econet china has been created to facilitate the exchange of information, know-how and enable an effective networking between all players. 

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RFP EcoCity Green Building Product and services Guide

More than just a directory the EcoCity Guide is comprehensive tool kit of green building products and services that will prove indispensable for everyone from investors to building occupiers. In print and online it will reach tens of thousands of buyers (distributors, suppliers and end-users), specifiers and investors of your green building or renewable energy offering. Brought to you by the people who created RFP Magazine and EcoBuild Magazine in association with Real Kaiten and, the
EcoCity directory is both an industry reference and a tool for the government and private sector.

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