4th Annual Global & China Solar Polysilicon Congress 2011


Way Out for Polysilicon Industry in the Constantly Changing PV Market

The international polysilicon price is declining while the details about the PV market subsidies have not been made clear yet. Against this background, CBI Events has joint with UMSOG to present the 4th Annual Global & China Solar Polysilicon Congress in Shanghai on December 8-9, 2011. As a pioneering conference to focus on the complete industry chain of polysilicon and the only event to cover the new polysilicon capacities across the world, this summit has gained wide attention from the industry.

The 4th Annual Global & China Solar Polysilicon Congress 2011 will be attended by leaders from new energy section of China, leading international polysilicon producers, new polysilicon producers, key market players of solar cells, providers of advanced technology and equipment, industry associations, research institutes, etc.

As to the production cost of polysilicon, leading foreign companies are producing at a cost of less than USD 25/kg while large companies in China are producing at USD 30-40/kg and SMEs are struggling with a cost of more than USD 45/kg. From early 2011 till now, the polysilicon price has plummeted by over 70%. Faced with the constantly dropping price, continuous capacity release and the low-price competition from foreign products, Chinese companies has taken cost control as their life-saving straw to get through their difficulties. How should they reduce their production cost through technology innovation, equipment upgrade and scale expansion? How should they increase their profit with management efficiency and vertical integration? How should they learn from the experience of the successful companies?

In 1H 2011, Germany and Italy reduced their subsidies for PV industry, which caused a PV market demand contraction and then a price plummet of all PV products. Despite that the European market will maintain its dominant position, its market demand will not expand as rapidly as before. How will the emerging Chinese and U.S. markets drive the demand for polysilicon? When will the spot polysilicon price be affected? Will the rising demand in the Chinese market counteract the demand decrease in the European market and drive up the polysilicon price next year?

The 4th Annual Global & China Solar Polysilicon Congress 2011 will explore the market threshold of the polysilicon industry and the details of China’s PV policies, analyze the policy trend and demand of all countries as well as the price trend in the following year, examine the development status and future strategies of polysilicon producers, compare the advantages and disadvantages of cold hydrogen technology and metallurgy technology, share the tips to reduce production cost and improve product quality and accelerate the recovery of the polysilicon price.

For details, please visit events.cbichina.com/con/4thspc2011/index.html.

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