Sustainable Water Management

China faces severe water pollution and water scarcity problems. The German water industry is able to help build and maintain related infrastructure.

Water and wastewater as new priority

China’s water demand is expected to more than double by 2050. Wastewater generation will continue to increase due to rapid urbanization, possibly reaching 79 billion tons by 2015. Also the current wastewater treatment infrastructure is inadequate. Thus, the development of the country’s water and wastewater industry has recently been made a priority by the Chinese government.

Sustainable water strategies adapted to China’s needs

The German water industry can assist in this new priority by helping Chinese partners and customers build and maintain sustainable water and wastewater infrastructures. China could benefit from German know-how and  experience in the consultation, planning and implementation phases as well as operation and financing of all water management facilities.

This may also include technologies for all kinds of use and re-use of water, water supply for major cities, coastal engineering, water-ecosystems etc.

Featured Best Practice

Zhangjiang Technology & Culture Exchange Center


This project will be certified with the newest German green building rating system and a cooperation between Chinese architects and German experts.