The International Summit of New Technology for Ecology and Environment 2019

Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province (JSEED) is under preparation of The International Summit of New Technology for Ecology and Environment 2019 on the coming Oct. 11-12 held in Nanjing International Expo Center, which is the 10th event since 2009, to facilitate the exchange of environmental technologies between users and suppliers. The summit will be jointly hosted by Ministry of Ecology and Environmental of China (MEEC) and People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, and be jointly organized by JSEED and Department of Science, Technology and Finance of MEEC this year.
The conference will set up 14 exhibition zones with a total area of 24,000 m2, where product/technology display, matchmaking meetings and roadshows will be organized at the same time. Nearly 20 summit forums were held on the theme of model innovation of environmental governance, international exchange of ecological restoration in Yangtze River Delta, etc., so as to build a high-level scientific and technological exchange between the supply and demand sides of environmental governance, and accelerate the transformation of scientific achievements.
We are appreciated if you could forward this information to the interested companies. Those who have interests need to complete the online application form by Sep. 15th through the linkage: . To ensure the quality of enterprises and promote the level of summit, the exhibitor will be charged for venue fees.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Zhou Yukun (Tel:86-25-58527182, Fax: +86-25-83312450, Ms Zhou Junwei (Tel:86-25-58527177),Email address: For more information, please visit conference website at
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本次大会展区总面积2.4万m2, 将分主题设置14个子展区,进行产品或技术展示、路演对接等。大会同时将邀请国内外政府官员、科研机构和知名企业专业人士,举办以打好长江生态环境保护修复攻坚战生态环境科技成果推介交流、生态环境治理模式创新等为主题的近20场高峰论坛,同步集中展示推介国内外各类先进的生态环境技术、产品及服务,为环境治理供、需双方搭建一个高水平的科技交流及洽谈平台,促成供需有效对接,加快科技成果转化。
联系人: 周宇昆,86-25-58527182,传真:+86-25-83312450;周君薇,86-25-58527177,邮箱; 大会网址: 。
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