Efficiency for Solar PV

With German expertise, Chinese solar PV manufacturers can increase their efficiency and ensure long-term profits.

Increasing demand for efficiency in the production process

Profit margins of Chinese manufacturers are shrinking: Excess capacity and globally sinking demand in the aftermath of the world financial crisis lead to sinking profit margins in all parts of the solar industry’s value chain. One key focus of the industry being grid parity, lowering costs is still the main pressure.

Securing a reliable long-term profitable return

With the help of German know-how, Chinese solar PV companies can increase their efficiency and thus ensure long-term profits. Expertise is offered in all stages of planning, design, operation and management, with an emphasis on cost and process optimization.

German solutions address the entire PV value chain by providing knowledge on planning and realization of cleaner production facilities through optimized processes and efficient resource utilization. By this, Chinese companies can achieve energy efficiency , reduction of air pollution and water use as well as successful resource recycling. For example, it is estimated that 30% water can be saved, 60% of the argon gas used can be recycled, and further efficiencies can be utlized along the line.

Cutting manufacturing cost

In order to achieve these goals, major production lines in China already feature equipment from leading suppliers. This also helps them reduce costs: Fully automated manufacturing lines provided by German companies can cut manufacturing costs and allow for higher productivity.


Featured Best Practice

Zhangjiang Technology & Culture Exchange Center


This project will be certified with the newest German green building rating system and a cooperation between Chinese architects and German experts.