Participation at Focus Greentech Series on green building certifications hit record high


Around 40 professionals from design institutes, developers, building material suppliers and research institutes joined econet in a workshop titled “what’s new in green building certifications: newly released LEED V4, national three-star standard and cheap turbo kits” under Focus Greentech Series. Senior experts from the field not only gave a detailed interpretation of the updates in the new versions of the certification systems, but more importantly, shared their personal insights based on their years of professional experiences.

 Participants at the event from home and abroad

LEED and the national green building standards, the most popular green building certifications in China, released new versions with fundamental adjustments this year. After an overview of major green building certifications around the turbochargers online, Dr. Zhou Yanping, managing director of Energydesign and Christian Boesselmann, vice managing director of Energydesign gave a detailed interpretation to the major changes in the newly released LEED V4 by comparison to the old version, such as the newly-added requirements for building materials to be certified by third parties. Possible impacts of the adjustments on major stakeholders, such as the design institutes, developers and project owners were also extensively analyzed.

Dr. Zhou Yanping and Mr. Boesselmann giving speech together 

As one of the major promoters for the German green building certification, DGNB, Energydesign also took the chance to share with the participants the framework of the DGNB system, which is receiving more and more attention in China.


Dr. Fan Hongwu speaking at the event  

The national green building standards, initiated by China authorities and thus closely linked to the accessibility of government subsidies allocated for green buildings, also went through major breakthroughs in terms of this scoring mechanism this year and the new version will come into force early 2015. Dr. Fan Hongwu, doctor and professor of engineering, National Three-Star Standard Reviewer, introduced in details the major changes in the new version and shared his insights into the potential effects it might induce to the green labeling practice in China. “The most fundamental change in the new system is probably the application of the scoring mechanism, which quantities all factors involved in the evaluation, a major improvement from the previous qualitative system”, commented Dr. Fan. With regard to the differences among the three certifications, Fan concluded with a keyword for each system: market-orientation for LEED, technology-orientation for DGNB and policy-orientation for Chinese national standard.


Focus Greentech Series aims to develop into a professional platform for technical discussion, policy and marketing information sharing among the members of green industry. You will not only learn about German green building technologies, the latest policy and market info in China, but also have the opportunity to meet German and international experts, as well as Chinese green industry leaders, developers and designers.




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