Prof. Dr. Norbert Fisch

Prof. Fisch founded the energy design institute in Stuttgart, Braunschweig, Shanghai and Dubai. With sixty experts, they provide various services for building optimisation and the use of renewable energy in buildings.

Expert in renewable energy applications and energy design in Germany, Europe and Asia

Norbert Fisch was born in Friedberg/Hessen, Germany and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Giessen and energy technology at the University of Stuttgart. He received his PhD in 1984 and was involved in the promotion of utilization of solar energy in residential buildings. This engagement with renewable energy has never stopped.

Until 1996, Norbert Fisch worked as the director of the department Rational Use of Energy and Solar Technology in the Institute of Thermo Dynamic and Heat Technology at the University of Stuttgart. Afterwards he started working in the Institute of Building and Solar Technology at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Braunschweig, where he is still today.

Prof. Fisch has earned great respect for his achievement in developing long term heat containers and the planning and implementation of energy supply system for residences. With his researches and projects in the fields of solar buildings construction, Prof. Fisch has greatly contributed to the development of CO2-neutral buildings’ supply system.

Norbert Fisch built up the Steinbeis-Transfer Center of Energy-, Building- and Solar Technology in Stuttgart and the network of engineers EGS-plan and energy design Braunschweig.

Since 2007 Prof. Fisch has engaged a lot in Asia with the energy design Asia engineer network. For example, energy design Asia accomplished the Wen Yuan Building of Tongji University 2007. It provided a refurbishment concept with a geothermal heat pump.

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