Kick Off Workshop for Shenyang Smart Energy House


the University of Applied Sciences Damstadt and Shenyang Jianzhu University signed a long term partnership for the development of a Smart Energy House.

The first step will be to build a model house on the university grounds not only to showcase German know-how but also to conduct research on the various applications involved.

This project was officially launched by end of November and will be accompanied by 4 series of workshops in Shenyang by the completion of the project at the beginning of 2013. 

30 undergraduate students from the architectural design/urban planning/engineering faculties of both universities, who were involved as research team to develop the concept for the house, took part in the series workshops on energy efficiency in buildings during Nov.28-Dec.2 in Shenyang.

econet partners introduced various green building solutions to the project students for them to integrate into the project in later phase. Companies also offered open lectures to the students from architectural design & urban planning, engineering and environmental related faculties.


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