The Green Building Conference in Shenyang


The Green Building Conference in Shenyang

In order to present green building standards, technologies and solutions as well as further generate cooperation and synergies between Chinese “demand” and European “offer” in the green building sector in Northeast China, a half day Green Building Conference in Shenyang was held by German Industry and Commerce Beijing in the afternoon of May 20th, 2013 at Kempinski Hotel Shenyang. This event was co-organized by the EU SME Centre and the initiative “Germany and China- moving ahead together”.

More than 100 participants attended the conference, including representatives from relevant local building authorities, research institutes and building companies as well as real estate developers, urban planners and architects.

The agenda of the conference consisted of detailed presentations on the market development, business opportunities, relevant certification, new technologies, policies and incentive measurements in the field of green building as well as introduction of concrete projects.

Following the opening addresses given by Mr. Jens-Peter Voss, German Consul General in Shenyang and Mr. Zhou Fenggang from Shenyang Urban & Rural Construction Committee respectively, Mr. Soeren Puerschel from German Industry and Commerce Beijing made a presentation about the development of the market in China for Green Building sector. Afterwards Professor Mike de Saldanha from Darmstadt University of Applied Science introduced some architectural and technical concepts for low-energy buildings.  Ms. Chen Xiaoying from TÜV SÜD China then introduced standards, labeling and certification related to green building. Mr. Harald Kumpfert and Mr. Simon Zhang from the SmartHeat Heat Pump Technology Co., Ltd. explained their new technology of building heating and cooling through wastewater. After the coffee break, Mr. Adam Mutwil from German Embassy introduced some green building regulations and promotion systems in Germany. The expert of the EU SME Center, Mr. Xiao Yongchang from China Academy of Building Research made a presentation on opportunities for European SMEs in green building sector. Mr. Ge Xuejun from ETICS Quality Alliance (External Thermal Insulating Composite System) presented the state of play on the technology and market for thermal insulation. Mr. Li Ang from DEKRA Testing and Certification introduced the economic benefits of green building. At the end, Ms. Stephanie Suess and Mr. Benjamin Jaeger from Darmstadt University of Applied Science as well as Professor Yan Yunbo from Shenyang Jianzhu University presented their joint project “German-Chinese House” implemented by the both universities together.

After a series of presentations, the conference was concluded through a panel discussion session. Moderated by Mr. Soeren Puerschel, the panelists Mr. Xiao Yongchang, Professor Yan Yunbo and Professor Mike de Saldanha delivered useful insights into the topic of green building and answered questions raised by the participants.

Parallel to the conference, an accompanying exhibition of the “German-Chinese House” provided the conference participants with the opportunity of getting to know this energy-efficient and trend-setting passive house which had been designed by German and Chinese young architects, the students from Darmstadt University of Applied Science and Shenyang Jianzhu University.

left Mr. Jens-Peter Voss, German Consul General in Shenyang, right Mr. Zhou Fenggang

left img, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mike de Saldanha, right img: left to right Soeren Puerschel, Xiao Yongchang, Yan Yunbo, Mike de Saldanha

left img: Exhibition German-Chinese House, right img: left Shi Tiemao, right Yan Yunbo

left img: Mike de Saldanha, Mrs. Stephanie Süss, Mr. Benjamin Jaeger/ right img: Soeren Puerschel, Harald Kumpfert

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