The China Greentech Initiative Released The China Greentech Report 2014


The China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) released The China Greentech Report 2014: Greener, Smarter, More Productive, the fifth in a series that was first launched at the World Economic Forum in 2009As a key member on the advisory board, econet china has worked closely with CGTI on this series.  

Given the heightened sense of urgency to reduce pollution and improve quality of life in cities, the Report recognizes that China’s plan to maintain a national GDP growth target of 7.5% through 2014 must be accompanied by an equally resolute vision for cleaner growth. Building on the new approach outlined in last year’s report, the latest edition offers a path forward for China to adopt a greener, smarter and more productive model of development.

CGTI Co-Founder and Managing Director Elle Carberry explained: “These three words ‘greener, smarter, more productive’ describe the kind of capabilities, technologies and operational expertise that need to be brought together to tangibly achieve China’s green growth.” China Greentech defines “greener” as adopting cleaner energy sources and technologies to reduce emissions; “smarter” as leveraging information systems and Big Data analytics to make informed decisions about resource use and management; and “more productive” as streamlining processes to use resources more efficiently and improve economic performance. 

The 2014 Report asserts that there is a profound opportunity for leading companies to integrate their products and services to customize replicable solutions for China’s project owners and governments in the areas of industrial efficiency, distributed energy, greener buildings and cleaner mobility. The Report outlines new central and local government plans for production reduction, and highlights how forward-thinking Chinese and International companies can use innovative technologies, best practices, and global collaboration models to accelerate China’s sustainable growth.  

About The China Greentech Report

The annual China Greentech Report series, first released at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China in 2009, has established CGTI as the authority on China’s rapidly evolving greentech markets and become an invaluable resource for companies seeking to grow their greentech businesses in China. The trusted voice of CGTI has been recognized in significant Chinese and international publications and numerous summits, including the U.S.-China Summit at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing and the World Bank China 2030 Report. CGTI is also cited regularly by respected media, including the Wall Street Journal (Chinese and English editions), CCTV, China Daily, New Energy Magazine and The Economist.

About the China Greentech Initiative

The China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) is the only collaborative platform that develops and connects strategic insights on China’s greentech markets with an expert community of over 100 companies and governments. As a neutral third party, we accelerate the market by integrating expertise from different nations and municipalities, industries and ecosystems, as well as across stakeholder roles. China Greentech’s trusted position enables us to produce the most reliable and holistic analysis to inform business decisions around the China opportunity and to facilitate collaboration. Our vision is to help companies increase their profitability while advancing China’s cities and zones toward greener, smart and more productive development. 

The China Greentech Report 2014 is available for download. To receive your free digital copy, please visit More infomation about CGTI, please visit

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