Focus Greentech Series: Renewable Energy Systems in Buildings held


On October 21, econet-branded Focus Greentech Series brought together professionals from the sectors of renewable energy systems for buildings, distributed solar systems and third-party certifications bodies to share their insights on prospects of renewable energy in China. Experts from Bosch and Solarzoom gave speeches at the event.


Buildings consume around 40 percent of the world’s energy each year. Energy efficiency for buildings is not a “plus” but a “must” for developers and property management nowadays. Bosch has a complete series of energy-efficient products and technologies for buildings, a lot of which have been visualized in the major project of building its own headquarter in China. Taking it as a case study and centering around the topic of renewable energy systems, Sun introduced in details the HVAC and domestic hot water supply systems using solar power. “Ground source heat pumps are going through a difficult time right now in China due to the unchecked quality of the system, especially the parts under ground. But I believe with the market more regulated, the sector will pick up its momentum in the near future” stated Sun.


Chinese government's push toward so-called distributed solar generation, referring to solar plants scattered close to where the energy is used, including rooftops and ground-mounted panels, has breathed new life into Chinese solar industry. Solarzoom, a strong industrial communication platform, shared with us their new commitment to furnish every high-end individual household with distributed solar systems through their one-stop e-commerce platform. The event concluded with a lively and in-depth discussion and exchanges between the participants.


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