econet and Dürr brought German CO2 heat pumps to China Research Institute of Building Sciences


On 25 November 2014, with the support from econet, Dürr held an in-house training for China Research Institute of Building Sciences on the latest heat pump technologies from Germany. The heat pump project team and business development personnel from the Academy attended the training.

at the salon

Mr. Philipp Hübner, product manager from Dürr, opened the event by a brief introduction to the Dürr Group. “As an established market leader in the fields of paint and assembly systems and related application technology, Dürr has been operating in China for over 30 years. With a belief in the massive potential of the emerging green market in China, Dürr is now launching a new business of clean technologies. Air purification and energy efficiency systems are two of the major product lines” introduced Hübner.

Mr. Philipp Hübner giving speech 

Following Mr. Hübner, Mr. Steffen Oberländer, managing director of thermea, a heat pump specialist with Dürr as its main share holder, shared with the audience how Thermeco2, the heat pump from Dürr and thermea,  is uniquely positioned to fit for industrial factories and large-scale public buildings. “Unlike most heat pumps on market, thermeco2 uses environmentally-friendly CO2 as refrigerant. It can supply as high as 110°C process water and as low as -30°C cold brine. The performance is quite exceptional even on a global scale,” proudly asserted by Mr. Oberländer.


Mr. Steffen Oberländer giving speech on thermeco2

Thanks to the capacity to supply hot and cold water at extreme temperatures at the same time, thermeco2 is uniquely positioned to power up industrial factories and hotels, where demands for heating and cooling co-exist. Projects can be found around the globe. The thermeco2 can not only be used for cold-heat-coupling, but can also use geothermal heat sources. At High Tatras, a hotel and spa complex in Poland, the largest CO2-heat pump system worldwide was built with thermeco2 using geothermal heat.

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