Indoor air quality as a major factor to well-being


econet brought industrial professionals from Germany and China to discuss indoor air quality solutions in China on 24, March under the branded workshop series Focus Greentech.

Wessling, a professional consulting, analytical and testing companies engaged in quality, safety, environment and health in Germany, introduces the concept of indoor air quality under special consideration of possible pollutants and health risks. Then the indoor air quality standards in Europe and China are compared. Further, solutions to indoor air quality problems such as paint, furniture, flooring materials and some general advice on improving air quality, are provided. 

 Mr. Wang from Wessling giving presentation 

Mr. Christian Kurtsiefer, GM of KMA giving presentation 

The partner of econet, KMA, introduces their energy-efficient filtering systems for the use in many different industrial sectors. KMA filters are unique due to their low energy consumption as well as their ability not to just simply shift pollutants elsewhere, but remove them completely. KAM filters also recover heat from the exhaust air, which greatly cut energy use. KMA´s production techniques have consequently been awarded with several environmental prizes.  

For more information about the event, please contact: 

Betty Tian 

Project Manager, econet china 

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