Green Construction - a new challenge or opportunity for real estate?


On 21 April, econet organized an econet china Focus Greentech event with the topic “Green Construction - a new challenge or opportunity for real estate”. The construction and operation of homes and commercial buildings contribute significantly to a community's air quality, land use and transportation impacts as well as the energy demand. In large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai where construction is going out every minute and everywhere, construction sites have been one of the major sources for air pollution.

Efforts known as "green" construction are working to minimize these impacts. “Green construction” is not independent of the “traditional” construction technology, but more of a "sustainable" vision which re-examines the traditional construction technology so as to reduce its environmental footprint by reducing energy, materials, water and land consumption. The addition of the category of green construction in the newly released National Green Building Standard also underlines its increasing important position along the whole supply chain.

We were delighted about the variety of participants from organizations such as from China Construction Group, Shanghai Environmental Monitor Center, developers like Capitaland, and German building materials supplier like KG machiner, Rehau, PFT, and SIP, etc.

Mr CHEN Xinghua, Deputy Director of the Innovation and Research Unit on Green Construction and Equipment, Engineering Institute of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, as the chief editor of the national Evaluation Standard for Green Construction of Building, shared with his their theoretical and practical experience in green buildings. He talked about the planning and management green construction. The green transformation of the traditional construction technology and innovations: prefabricated buildings, 3D printing, non-scaffolding above-ground operation technology, framework-insulation integration technology, construction waste minimization and recycling, etc and the optimization of construction scheme and construction design.

Mr Chen Xinghua presenting

Ms XU Jie, Senior Engineer, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center informed us about the new regulations on the construction site dust and noise monitoring and air quality in particular the Shanghai Environmental Air Quality Status and analysis of pollution sources, the Shanghai Clean Air Action Plan (2013-2017) and the Shanghai air quality compliance plan. She further introduced the relevant regulatory requirements and plans to promote construction site monitoring in Shanghai (2015-2016).

In particularly, Ms Xu mentioned that the Shanghai government has  established an online monitoring system for Shanghai construction sites. The system placed at the sites will monitor the dust and noise levels 24/7 and send the data in real time to Shanghai government authorities and the management of the sites. The Shanghai government is planning to make it mandatory in the year 2016, it will also open for public use.

Ms Xu Jie presenting

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