econet salon was successfully held at the China Construction Eighth Engineering Division


On Thursday April 23 econet had the pleasure to host its econet salon at the China Construction Eighth Engineering Division (CCEED). The event brought together about 10 econet partner companies, over 30 senior staffs from the group engineering department, research institute and project teams.

As introduced by Mr. Ma Rongquan, chief engineer, CCEED subordinates to China State Construction Engineering Corporation, which is one of the top fortune 500 companies. CCEED is a large state-owned backbone construction enterprise and is headquartered in Shanghai. It owns the extra-grade qualification of construction general contract and its main services include house engineering, infrastructure engineering, real estate development, investment operation, engineering design and research. CCEED has more than 20 branches, and provides services throughout more than 28 provinces (municipalities) in China and Africa, Middle East of Asia, central Asia, south east of Asia, etc.

CCEED is famous for strong operation mode controlled by the headquarter and for many  “High,  Large, Special, Fashion and Important” projects at home and abroad. In recent years, CCEED has constructed several large, complex, advanced and even high profile architectural projects. In addition, it has built the largest number of terminal buildings, exhibition buildings, stadiums, hospitals, hotels and tourist facilities in China.

Followed by Mr. Ma’s speech, econet china was introduced to the Chinese audience by the new head Verena Simon, who highlighted the advantages of econet china as a reliable institution partner for German sustainable know-how in the Chinese green building market.

The speech was followed by a series of presentations given by the econet partner companies on their solutions, product applications and best practices with exceptional green features. All the participating partner companies including Rhinescheme (Smart Cities & Green Buildings), MUDI (Sustainable Building Design & Urban Planning), Rheinzink (Titanium Zinc Coils & Sheets Façade & Roof Cladding), Rehau (Heating & Cooling/PVC Windows/Renewable Energy), Warema (Sun Shading Systems), Unilux (Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows & Doors) and Wineo (environmentally friendly laminate floors) appreciated the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, insights and views of market opportunities in China with CCEED and other partners.

The salon offered all participants the chance to present their products and to make an active contribution to the discussions on the future development trends as well as demand on green building technologies and projects. CCEED persists on science and technology drive, innovation drive and green construction all the time. Mr. Ma from CCEED emphasized the great interest in passive house technologies and is looking forward to future Sino-German cooperation opportunities in this area. They also see great potential in the market of green industrial buildings and hope to get more technical support from the German side in design optimization and green construction.

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