‘Focus Greentech’ event: “Smart home – smarter life”


On May 21st, econet china organized a ‘Focus Greentech’ event with the topic “Smart home – smarter life”. Compared with ordinary households, smart homes not only have the traditional function of providing a safe and comfortable space for family & private life, but it also turns the passive static structure into a dynamic environment. IT instruments regulate a full range of informational interaction to communicate not only with the outside world, but also to optimize people's life styles by supporting  inhabitants of a smart home with efficient time management, enhanced  security and even cutting energy costs by smart management of home appliances.

As the number of steering devices in habitable environments is on the rise, interconnection and communication between the devices becomes a useful and desirable feature. Centralized control of one single smart item over a complete home system will deliver users with a satisfying experience.

Mr. SUN Danyang, Technology Manager of Shanghai Longchuang Eco-energy System Co., Ltd. and Mr. Paul Dima, Senior International Sales Manager of Kostal Group were invited to share their views and ideas and highlight the recent market trends and developments of the smart home systems.

The event attracted a variety of participants from the industry such as from Bosch, Hunter Douglas, Wuerth, G-U, State Grid and many more. It allowed a deepened exchange on the topic and served to broaden the knowledge of the participants on the smart home system.

Mr. SUN Danyang, Technology Manager of Shanghai Longchuang Eco-energy System Co., Ltd. (strategic partner of SIEMENS in Smart Home and Intelligent Control System), analyzed the market environment and development trend of the smart home system through a vivid and informative presentation. Combining several outstanding references such as Vanke Metropolis Beijing, he described various technical solutions in respect of the main four system requirements “Safety, Comfort, Healthy and Smart”.


Mr. SUN Danyang presenting

Mr. Paul Dima, Senior International Sales Manager of Kostal Group, introduced their PIKO smart solutions (solar inverter as energy manager) as the energy management system of smart grid and smart home. Based on his knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market, Mr. Dima adapted the German technical solutions to the local market context and specific client needs. He pointed out that energy management and energy storage would constitute an essential part of the future smart home system.

Mr. Paul Dima giving presentation

The very open and profound discussions after the presentations were also an indicator that the event met the expectations and initiated exchange between the participants.

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