econet partner news: AS&P Prof.Albert Speer visited Landleaf supported by econet china


During the visit of Prof. Albert Speer to China this year, econet china accompanied the AS&P founder Prof. Speer and all managing partners to visit the Landleaf office in Shanghai on May 17th. Prof. Speer and the managing team shared their project experiences as a long established German architecture and planning office in Germany and China.

Prof. Albert Speer, AS&P Founder

As a brother company of Landsea, Landleaf has now developed into a leading sustainable building technology service provider in China. They are committed to supporting Chinese developers and individuals in solving obstacles in energy efficiency, indoor environment health and comfort for all types of projects. Mr.Fang Long, GM of R&D Center and Leo Wang, Sustainable Director participated in the meeting.

Prof. Speer and the managing team sharing their project experiences with Landleaf

AS&P and and Landsea have been in contact for a longer while now, supported by econet china. Now AS&P made an effort to renew the ties with Landleaf to work towards a fruitful cooperation in the future.

Landleaf representatives gave their insights on China's changing green building market from their project experience. They stressed that the focus of the industry is changing from energy efficiency and technology to the trend of a healthy living environment. Both have reached a consensus that a human-centered thinking and therefore building is becoming more crucial in their project planning now. A holistic approach has to be taken to balance the requests from all stakeholders as well as to the achieve the project from economical, technical and environmental aspects.

They also shared their perspectives on growing demands in retrofitting projects, growing recognition and development progress of passive house standards in China etc.

econet china wishes AS&P and Landleaf a good cooperation in the future!

AS&P, Landleaf & econet china

About AS&P
The office of AS&P-Albert Speer & Partner GmbH was founded by Prof. Albert Speer in 1964. AS&P employs more than 200 architects and planners in Frankfurt and in Shanghai, and is among the most renowned offices for architecture and urban planning in Germany, being active internationally in 20 countries.  As a matter of corporate policy, all the office’s projects combine high-quality planning and common sense, and rest on a backbone of a comprehensive notion of 3E sustainability, delivering ecological, economic and equitable solutions that aspire to improve the quality of life in general. The projects range from architectural design, urban planning and urban and regional development to recreation and tourism planning, conceptual transport planning and project management.

AS&P expanded its China engagement with the establishment of a representative office  in Shanghai in the 1990s. In 2007 the 100% daughter AS&P-Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded. AS&P combines innovative methods in architecture, urban design and transportation planning to provide clients with holistic solutions. The company’s portfolio includes multi-storey dwellings and high-rises, urban planning, urban design and regional development, planning for tourism and leisure-time facilities, conceptual transportation planning and project management through to the planning for major international events and expert consultancy for politicians. Each project is handled by teams assembled specifically for the purpose. AS&P is recently awarded the top German Architects Brand by the EUREB Brand Ranking Study.

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