The EU Switch Asia Susbuild Training was successfully held in western china!


Funded by European Commission Switch Asia Program, the project called “Susbuild” is running to upscale and mainstream sustainable building practices in western china in the period of 2016-2019.

Chongqing and Yun’nan are selected as pilot regions to implement this project in the next 2 years and then share the results and experiences with other neighboring provinces and cities. Following the kick-off conference in Chongqing during April 12-13, the Susbuild project has already drawn great attentions from those pilot regions. 

The Susbuild project is chaired by Wuppertal Institute, in cooperation with China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE) and Beijing Architecture University, and greatly supported by Chongqing Building Energy Saving Association, Yun’nan Building Technology Development Center, Construction Quality Supervision Center and other relevant local authorities etc.  econet china is invited as a key associate partner to support the program. 

A travelling training course was organized during the week of June 27th in Chongqing and Kunming. The 2-day training was held in each city on the theme of Cleaner Production of Building Materials and Sustainable Interior Design. It is designated as a key module in the program to build capacity, share green know-how and practices of Europe, as well as facilitate the network with local market. Over 160 people participated in the training from local authority, construction, interior installation and decoration companies.

econet china participated the event in Kunming on June 30th and July 1st. Mr. Wu Yong, Director of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency made the opening speech. Econet invited experts from German side to share green standard and solutions for a healthy indoor environment. Mr. Hans Niemann from energydesign gave an introduction of selection criteria and assessment process of interior decoration materials in the German DGNB Building Standard, the challenges in real projects and the way to balance the Chinese & EU Standards to meet both requirements and ensure high quality of interior building materials.  Mr. Raymond Yi from econet partner Sto introduced light, sound environment and air quality as key indicators of indoor environment and their substantial impact on human’s health and comfort.  An innovative acoustic ceiling system can easily improve the indoor environment by realizing an appealing design, a comfortable light and sound environment and even a much higher space utilization rate for people. Mr. Jorge Villena from econet partner Wineo showcased a quality flooring product that can achieve all features of zero emission, long lasting, easy maintenance and tailor made design. 

Prof. Zhang Renzhi from China Environmental Management School introduced the cleaner production standard and policies in China. Mr.Guan Chen from Guojian Lianxin Certification Center explained the National labeling system of green building materials. Mr.Liu Gang from China Academy of Building Research gave the presentation of the latest development of China’s building industrialization and his insights for “industrialization 4.0” and “China Manufacturing 2025”.

After the training, the project working group and trainer visited project and company in the nearby area. 

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