REHAU, into the center of city life| Welcome to REHAU’s new home in Shanghai


REHAU moved their new location to the downtown Shanghai into the "Anken Air" creative industrial park on May 26th, 2016. Mr. Schulz, the CEO of REHAU Group, made a special trip from Switzerland to attend this great event. Mr. Wagner, Co-CEO AP cum CEO NEA, gave a speech on the grand opening. The warmest welcoming was given to the business partners and end customer. As a family owned company, REHAU focuses on sustainability and long term development, stated Mr. Wagner during the opening ceremony.

One of their end customers, Mrs. Chen, shared her experience with REHAU, and explained how REHAU changed her life.  In addition, colleagues from CCT, R&D, and Purchasing EZ investment department introduced and demonstrated REHAU products on site to demonstrate background of the story.

REHAU believes that in this new location, with the improved working environment and advanced and intelligent show room, it will motivate REHAU employees to work with more passion for higher achievements in the future.

As a family-owned business, REHAU has always taken its responsibility as a stakeholder in society seriously. With a long term view on business development and the impact on nature, REHAU has always paid attention to environmental issues and has lived "sustainability" long before this term became a trend in the corporate world.

REHAU provides a wide range of polymer based solutions for aspiring home decoration. The products as well as the services built around them not only reflect our commitment to quality and customer focus but ultimately touch the lives of consumers and home owners around the world. With REHAUs "Quality Promise Delivered" they guarantee that their reliable products increase the comfort and quality of life in peoples’ homes effectively and reliably.

Being part of peoples’ lives, REHAU has decided to move their Shanghai Office location to the downtown Changning area, at the heart of urban life. Being integrated into downtown Shanghai brings REHAU close to the people and lives they are connected with. Moving into the "Anken Air" office park offered the perfect fit for REHAU since this project is exemplary in terms of sustainable urban development. Besides refurbishing light industrial buildings with recycled materials, the developers at Anken also implemented sky gardens for urban farming, photovoltaic for renewable energy and state of the art air filtration to guarantee low PM 2.5 concentrations inside the buildings.

REHAU has made additional contributions in order to make their new workplace more comfortable and sustainable. To encourage commuting with public transportation, REHAU has partnered with the Industry disrupting start-up company NIU in providing an electric scooter fleet. REHAUs employees can share these vehicles enabling low carbon short distance travel for business meetings and errands. With REHAUs energy efficient under floor heating systems they can guarantee a comfortable environment during all seasons. REHAU’s kitchen and office furniture solutions, including their sound absorbing roller shutter doors, further help provide an ideal workspace setting for their team members from marketing, research and development, procurement and sales.

With the REHAU experience center and event space they are able to offer an effective platform for exchange between their employees and business partners as well as home or project owners. Visitors have the chance to feel the benefits of REHAU solutions first hand through the functional product exhibits and they can interact directly with our staff for more insight and background information.

REHAU has always believed that "REHAU moves people and people drive REHAU".

REHAU looks forward to welcoming you in their new home in Shanghai so you can see for yourself how they can move you.

REHAU shanghai sales office address:  Building 1, No. 181, Lane 465 Zhenning Road, Changning District, Shanghai

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