Sto Opened First Paint & Decorating Retail Store in Wuxi!


Sto, established in 1835 with its headquarter in Baden Württemberg’s Weizen, has produced and sold paint & decorating as well as wall insulation systems ever since it first came into existence. With its advanced technology during the production process and the quality of its products Sto has built up a renowned brand and reputation in the industry of sustainable and green building materials across the borders of Germany all the way to China.

From 2006 to 2008 Sto was rewarded as one of Germany’s “Top 100 companies” (TOP100-Unternehmen). From 2013 and 2014 they were listed as Germany’s “Hidden Champions,” in 2014 they left all the competition behind and became no. 1 in their distinct industry.

The two biggest functionalities of architectural paint are: decoration and protection. The decorating aspect of interior paint is widely recognized, but the protectional aspect of paint has been rather neglected. For the better protection of the interior environment and an extension of the architectural durability, Sto (China) has now, based on the national demand of the market and the different characteristics of the environment, launched the enormous product line of its headquarter here in China: interior paint & decoration.

There can be no compromise when it comes to healthy living. For this reason, Sto Group adheres to the most stringent emission standards during the development process of its interior products.

The entire Sto range of interior paints is free from plasticizers and solvents according to TÜV standards. Sto’s interior paints are also certified by CE, France Indoor Environment Testing, Switzerland Bluesign, and Austria Eco Mark. Sto’s German factories are certified by TÜV SÜD ISO9001, factories in China and US are certified by ISO9002, therefore Sto can guarantee the highest quality of their products globally. All the products are strictly produced according to German DIN standards, which meet or exceed Chinese national standards. Some of their innovative products have unique performance features. Natural materials such as loam and lime are used to carefully regulate the ambient interior climate thanks to their ability to absorb and release moisture. Sto Group's interior products range offers designers an abundance of opportunities for surface decoration: paints, patterns, materials, and textures turn interiors into creative spaces.

1st from the left: Dr. Ke Qiao, General Manager of Sto China

econet china is delighted to announce that Sto has opened its first Wuxi flagship store for interior paint and decorating on 29th October 2016. Altogether this is the second paint and decorating retail store of Sto in which customers can get in touch with the wide range of Sto products in China. Sto has ambitious plans, within the next year 50 new stores all over China should be opened to spread the products to a wider range of customers. The store is located in Red Star Macalline at No.1 Tuanjie Avenue, Xishan District, Wuxi.

Sto Paint and Decorating Retail Shop in Wuxi

Visitors of the flagship store are taken in by the German precision and tradition of paying attention to the details during their visit. The wide product range of imported interior wall paint and the black forest series produced according to a German formula, can perfectly meet the requirements of today’s international clients.

Furthermore, the rich variety of paint colors and decoration textures allow each client to individually beautify their homes and houses as they see fit.

For more details, please visit Sto China website:

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