Efficient waste water treatment in the industry under the Export Initiative Program of BMU


During September 18th - 20th 2018, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU), econet china | German Industry and Commerce Shanghai organized a three-day program “Efficient Wastewater Treatment in the Industry in China 2018” in the frame of the BMU export initiative program environmental technologies. On September 18th, over 100 participants joined in the Sino-German Technology Forum with nine senior experts and company representatives from Germany and China in this field.

Mr. Daniel Eckmann (Head of econet china, AHK Shanghai), Prof. Sven-Uwe Geissen from the Berlin University of Technology, Mrs. Chen jing from Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences and Prof. Liu Hongbo from the Shanghai University of Technology and Representatives from German companies

China is a country with extremely scarce water resources. here more than 60% of the industrial water is polluted and not recyclable, the improvement of sewage treatment technology and application is significant.

The goal of the project is to improve industrial wastewater treatment in Shanghai and surrounding areas, to meet the demand of companies with wastewater treatment problems, German experts and expertise are on-site and are ready for a dialogue with the participants to provide efficient and sustainable technical solutions from Germany (sewage purification, sludge treatment, wastewater recycling).

At the meeting, the status of industrial sewage treatment and problems, as well as the progress of existing technologies and current policies were summarized. At the same time, representatives of Chinese and German companies and experts introduced their industrial wastewater treatment technologies and solutions and analyzed potential cooperation possibilities. Representatives of industries zones, authorities, end user of waste water treatment technologies as well as design institutes and universities were invited.  

The meeting was hosted by Mr. Daniel Eckmann, head of econet china, AHK Shanghai. Susanne Lada’a, consul of the German Consulate General in Shanghai made an opening speech and warmly welcomed the representatives of the experts and all the participants. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Eckmann gave an introduction about the program. Mrs. Corinne Abele, chief representative of Shanghai, Germany Trade & Invest, then introduced the Chinese environmental market and environment in the transition. Ms. Chen Jing from Shanghai Environmental Protection Co.Ltd., expounded the current situation and policy requirements of industrial wastewater treatment in Shanghai. Dr Michael Jahnz, general manager of Wessling Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., reviewed the technical solutions for wastewater treatment in China's industrial waste water plants.

During the Conference

After a short tea break, Mr. Hanschke, general manager of H2O (Kunshan) Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., explained the theory of zero liquid discharge (high-efficiency distillation technology) in China. As the last speaker in the morning, Mr. Gerry Guan from the Evonik Investment Management Co., Ltd.  summarized the possibilities and opportunities of chemical enterprises in China's environmental protection market through his own experience.

The afternoon session was firstly presented by Professor Sven-Uwe Geissen from the Technical University Berlin, Germany. Through a series of theoretical support and chart statistics, the prospects and challenges of industrial wastewater treatment were explained. Subsequently, Professor Liu Hongbo from the Shanghai University of Technology introduced the case studies of the key technologies for industrial wastewater treatment. Afterwards, students from the Berlin University of Technology have interacted with expert representatives through panel discussion, which helped attendees to have a deeper understanding of China's industrial wastewater treatment.

Panel Discussion

After the tea break, Mr. Tony Yang from Lanxess Chemical (China) Limited elaborated on the dangers of some refractory ions that were difficult to handle, and then proposed an innovative solution for ion exchange resins for industrial waste water. Finally, as the last company representative, Mr. Qian Tao from Aerzen Machinery Equipment Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. presented the challenges for industrial wastewater treatment, requirements and solutions. The audience gave positive feedbacks on the technologies presented by the experts from Germany and China. After the conclusion, participants continued to exchange and discuss with speakers, experts and representatives of German enterprises.

On 19th September, Mr. Daniel Eckmann, representative of German Industry and Commerce, accompanied all the participants to CS Envi-Tech in Suzhou Industry Park under the technical guidance of Mr. Jin Yueqing, vice general manager of CS Envi-Tech. In the control room, Mr. Jin introduced the recycling, the construction and the operation processes to the representatives and experts. The comprehensive waste water treatment plant is now treating about 12,000 tons of industrial wastewater and 6000 tons of recycling water, which basically reaches the world-class management level. The high-level management of wastewater treatment plant and their innovation concepts in technology and service have been highly rated by the visitors.

In the afternoon all the participants visited Hua Yan industrial Wastewater plant to maintain a more intuitive understanding of the current state and problems of industrial wastewater plants in China.

Visitors in the waste water plant

On the third day, a part of the guests participated the “Waterchem China 2018” fair and visited some advanced water treatment equipment technology enterprises. The aim of the visit is to promote an active exchange with manufacturers and suppliers as well as the practical assessment of technical equipment and products in the area of industrial wastewater treatment in China. Communication with other market players during the conference and study tours is also considered to be mutually beneficial.

Visit to the WATERCHEM Fair

The presentations of the conference can be downloaded in following links: 

1 GTAI - Industrial Waste Water Workshop

2 Chen Jing -Framework Conditions and Status Quo of Industrial Waste Water Treatment in Shanghai

3 WESSLING-Overview of Technical Solutions for In-plant Treatment of Industrial Waste Water in China

4 Uwe Hanschke - Wastewater-free Production in China – Sustainable Processing thanks to Efficient Evaporator Technology

5 Evonik - Opportunities for the Chemical Industry in China's Environmental Storm

6 Geissen - Industrial Water Management – Perspectives and Challenges

7 hongbo - Research on Key Technologies of Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Best Practices in China

8 LANXESS -Innovative Lewatit Ion Exchange Technologies-Potable and Ground Water Purification

9 Aerzen - The Blower Energy saving application case and new development in WWTP





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