Viessmann’s solar energy coloring contest – A special gift for children of the Shunyi Aiport Primary School


June 1 – a day also known as the International Children’s Day, when festive activities for children are celebrated around the entire globe. It is also time for the children to celebrate their “special time of the year” with gifts and fun activities once more.

Viessmann Heating Technology Beijing Co., Ltd., located in Beijing Shunyi Industrial District, is a German heating technology company that consists of an office building, a factory and a training center; altogether enclosed in a beautiful environment with vast parking lots and green spaces. Like the “Viessmann Centre” in Germany or all Sales Offices worldwide it is built in a form of standardized architecture: functional and distinctive – important elements of a visible Corporate Identity. Promotional products as boards or exhibits for gas boilers, heat pumps, water tanks and solar collectors are displayed in a bright standardized show room which perfectly embodies Viessmann’s corporate culture and innovative product style.

The heating systems of Viessmann Beijing are locally produced. Installed solar systems and heat pumps serve as good examples for the usage of clean energy and its economy. To meet environmental protection courses offered by primary schools, Viessmann’s Academy took the occasion of the International Children’s Day to invite 16 students of Shunyi Aiport Primary School to pay a visit. At first, the supervisor of the Academy briefly introduced all displayed heating product exhibits displayed in the show room before explaining the structure, heat pipe principle and functioning  process of solar collectors in detail. For better illustration purposes, the supervisor made use of a heat pipe vacuum tube while explaining. At the end, an experiment was undertaken by holding the collector sample into the sun. By taking turns in touching the tube, each child experienced the brass part of the tube collector absorbing a considerable amount of heat within a few seconds only. The students were surprised not only by the fact that sunlight could be transformed in such a short time but also by the process of transforming light energy into heat energy itself. Therefore, the visit can be regarded as an unique experience for students while instilling the concept of green energy and environmental protection at once. Also, the children paid a short visit to the production line and boiler room. They were very excited to watch how boilers are assembled at the production line. 

At last, a painting competition was held under the theme of “My solar energy”. The sample of the painting page was selected from the original German version of the Viessmann’s coloring book which recently had been translated into Chinese. The booklet is about  two families who install solar collectors as an auxiliary heating device, in order to produce hot water in a more efficient and environmental friendly way. By painting, children could gain the basic awareness of energy saving through solar collectors while spreading the knowledge of clean energy and environmental protection concepts. Before leaving the company, each student received a coloring book as a special gift for his visit.

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