“Green Manufacturing”-Conference – Solutions for Cleaner Production in China


For 110 years, the United States was the world’s largest manufacturer. This year, China will take the lead as the largest producer of goods.

One fifth of all products worldwide will then have the label “Made in China”. The massive growth however also brings its challenges: Old and inefficient production facilities and overcapacities have made China’s production sector an industry with high energy consumption. The conference „Green Manufacturing China 2011“ of the Delegations of German Industry and Commerce and Commerce Greater China in cooperation with the Ringier, the Swiss Chamber and European Chamber on November 18th 2011 in Shanghai discusses technologies, solutions and chances for a cleaner production in China.

China’s 12th Five Year Plan has named energy efficiency and cleaner production as key areas. Through lower carbon emissions, fewer waste and energy efficient materials and technologies Chinese firms can save valuable resources and increase their profits. Meanwhile, Chinas goals for cleaner production can also benefit foreign companies, who can offer the solutions needed to increase sustainability.

The conference „Green Manufacturing China 2011 - The Summit for Technology, Solutions and Best Practices“ will bring together both sides to discuss strategies and solutions for a cleaner production in China. CEOs and experts will present their experiences how green solutions can transform China’s production. The event gives German companies access to producers who are under increasing public and political pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. More than 150 business leaders will participate in the conference, which is chaired by former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

The program includes four discussion forums addressing financing of upfront investments, long-term benefits of green manufacturing, the know-how for implementation and the long-term challenge: maintenance. Among the topics discussed are incentive systems in China and chances for increased employee satisfaction, productivity and a positive positioning of the own brand. Companies learn how they can train their employees in sustainability, what synergies can be utilized through cooperation and how energy efficiency can be guaranteed in a cost effective and durable manner.

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