SGL Group held media workshop in Beijing - unveiling the "Carbon Age" for urban life


SGL Group held the press event themed "Carbon Based Solutions for Urban Life" in Beijing, where the sustainable development of megacities were discussed, and the latest achievements of carbon fiber materials in the automotive industry. SGL Group unveiled the "Carbon Age" for urban life through the introduction of innovative carbon based solutions applied in the urban life.

Carbon based applications play an important role in fundamental trends like "urban mobility", "regenerative energies", "infrastructure built-up" or "communication technologies". The most known solution for carbon based materials is automotive light-weight construction where carbon helps to reduce weight and emissions due to its unique material properties. Particularly in e-mobility new cars are in development and will be launched in the near future. SGL Group and BMW founded an exclusive joint venture (SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers) to manufacture carbon bases light-weight materials (CFRP) for the upcoming BMWi series.

Through an antique stage of Chinese opera, SGL Group presented the ancient yet modern carbon material and its innovative applications via a dynamic video, which illustrates the international cooperation and production throughout the value chain from carbon fiber to composite components.

At the event, SGL Group gave a brief introduction of its strategic cooperation with BMW Group on carbon materials. The joint venture of the two companies in Moses Lake – SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers (SGL ACF), was officially put into operation this September. The carbon fiber produced will be used exclusively for BMW Group and the first application is the upcoming BMW i3 to be launched in 2013. The BMW i8 and i3 made their debut at Frankfurt Auto Show this year, drawing massive attentions around the world. Their carbon fiber passenger cells also came under the spotlight. BMW i3 an all-electric car designed to meet the mobility needs of drivers in highly populated urban areas throughout the world and the demands of sustainable and emission-free mobility. The Life module part of the design is the passenger compartment made from high-strength, extremely lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The use of this high-tech material across large sections of the car ensures the Life module is remarkably light helping to improve the BMW i3's performance and to compensate the battery weight.

With the urbanization process and the escalation of energy and environmental issues, energy saving and emission reduction have become a common goal of the world. The global standards for exhaust emission have been increasingly strict in recent years, thus new energy and light-weight construction have become both the main trends and challenges of the automotive industry. As a huge growth market, the number of vehicles in China keeps to increase, resulting in heavier traffic jams and energy consumption. Therefore, the new energy vehicles featuring energy efficiency, environmental friendly and safety are emphasized as an important strategic industry in China. The cooperation between BMW and SGL Group has illustrated that the innovations for sustainable development will bring the better solutions for urban mobility in the future.

As a matter of fact, SGL Group's various carbon and graphite products have been widely applied in a broad range of fields, including steelmaking, lightweight construction, new energy, architecture and sports equipment, providing the high performance materials for energy conservation and waste recycling in the construction of city infrastructures. According to its 2010 report, the sales in the said fields accounted for 65% of the total revenue of SGL Group worldwide. This year, SGL Group has also expanded its Asia sales team to meet the future demand for carbon fiber-based materials in local markets.

Mr. Johan Borrey, Managing Director of SGL Group in China said, "China sees an accelerating urbanization and is one of the markets with the greatest growth potential. The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of China provides the clear objectives for its sustainable urban construction, energy conservation and emission reduction. SGL Group has been growing fast since its entrance to China market. We are more than willing to share our products, expertise and successful solutions with Chinese customers and partners, boost the positive role of carbon materials in the sustainable development of Chinese cities, and make the city life better."

Source: SGL

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