Waste Management

China is currently facing growing waste problems. German waste management concepts can help tackle these challenges: they are among the most efficient and advanced in the world.

China’s growing waste management problems

China is now facing the consequences of its increasing urbanization, exploding population and economic growth. How to manage the country’s waste and minimize its environmental impact have become some of the country’s most pressing issues.

China has to develop its waste management system in order to manage the increasing amounts of wastes. However, the nascent domestic waste industry might not have all the necessary infrastructure or expertise in collection, treatment, disposal of waste and designing and operating respective facilities. 

Long term green solutions from waste disposal to resource management

Avoidance, recovery, disposal: these are the principles of the waste hierarchy serving as the basis for waste management in Germany. They are similar to China’s 3R waste management concept of “reducing, reusing and recycling”. German companies can support China to realize its goal. They offer high-quality  technology for the efficient use of waste as a resource as well as the disposal of the remaining residual waste. Germany moreover provides know-how on how to reduce methane and CO2 emissions and substitute fossil fuels.

Major areas of waste management that German technologies could cover are:

  • Waste collection and transport
  • Waste processing and treatment
  • Waste storage and disposal 

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Featured Best Practice

Zhangjiang Technology & Culture Exchange Center


This project will be certified with the newest German green building rating system and a cooperation between Chinese architects and German experts.